Est 2002

Doug MacLean

Inducted to Hall Of Fame in 2015

To win a Championship in any level of football is a momentous feat. To guide two clubs to Championships in different seasons is something special.

The roots that saw Doug McLean take the Barnsley Bears to a Championship in 1990 were evident in 2004 when he took the Doncaster Mustangs to our first National title. A similar coaching team, a similar kicker, and a similar attention to detail helped two South Yorkshire towns celebrate a Championship long before any other team in the Yorkshire had made its mark.

Doug cannot be with us today, but after speaking with him last week I can assure you that he and Celia think of us the Mustangs often.

Doug was a figure head of a Coach. He never raised his voice, and showed true affection for all his players. These are traits that have earned him the respect, and likewise, the affection of the players he coached.